Just remember, February is a short month!


                                                                                                                                                                Ugh February! This is the view outside of our window today at Trailer King. Thank goodness February is a short month, and the end of winter is upon us. We are coming down the home stretch, so to speak. We have definitely had a winter full of snow, but I think I’m over the snow. I’m looking forward to a spring full of sunshine, flowers and green grass… so are our Landscapers! Enjoy the snow!


~ Written By: Jennifer Breault

Reviews, Ratings & Referrals….


Social media and internet marketing have grown so much recently. With everyone turning to their phones and computers for infomation on where to go and where to buy almost everything, it’s pretty important to make sure your reviews are up to par. Over the past couple years, we have often asked our customers to ” ‘Like’ us on Facebook”, or “Write a review on Google” because we know that their awesome experience doing business with us at Trailer King shows others that we’re worth checking out. We have so many amazing reviews already, and we are so grateful to all of the customers that have done so for us. 



So, for those of you we haven’t directly asked, or that we have, and you just forgot…we’re asking you now. Please “Like” our Facebook page, or write us a review on Google. We always appreciate it, and we love hearing what you think of us.

~Written By: Jennifer Breault

Can you see it….. look really close!!


If you cant see it, it’s probably because you just don’t want to. The temperatures will be dropping drastically over the next week. And for those of you who don’t see it, here is what I’m talking about…

That’s right, snow showers on the 20th. Don’t wait until the 18th to call for service. This is our busiest time of year and you don’t want to get stuck on the first storm. Call today, Let it snow!!


~Written by: Jennifer Breault


Happy Halloween from the gang at Trailer King!

Can you believe it’s already the last day of October?? November starts tomorrow, but it’s not too late to stop by Trailer King for a treat! We’ve got great deals on plows, sanders and trailers, minus the tricks. Hassle free, one stop shopping. Call us today for all your truck, trailer and snow removal needs! There’s nothing scary about the service at TK. Happy Halloween


~ Written by: Jenifer Breault

There’s a delay in Fall’s foliage this year!

Most of us probably have no problem with the mild October weather we have been experiencing here in the Hudson Valley. But, there are a lot of people that travel to the Hudson Valley this time of year to see the colors of the leaves at their brightest. This year, they’ll have to stay for a few extra weeks. The change is because it just hasn’t been consistently cold at night for long enough and there just hasn’t been enough rain. Don’t get worried guys, snow is coming and it’s coming soon….When it does, you know where to come for all you snowplow and ice removal needs. www.trailerking.com

~Written by: Jennifer Breault

It’s officially Fall!!

Well folks, it’s officially Autumn!!  The leaves will all start changing into the beautiful autumn colors that we all love so much in the Hudson Valley.  And after the leaves change colors, they will fall to the ground and then it is time for Fall cleanup. All of you landscapers know that Trailer King is the spot to bring your trailer for service, inspections and accessories.  Call the pros today… 845-454-7500  or visit our website for more details www.trailerking.com

~Written by: Jennifer Breault

Can you feel the bite…..?

…in the air, that is. Wow, what a difference from last week! It’s obvious that summer is on her way out. Autumn is such a beautiful season in the Hudson Valley, but we refer to Autumn here at Trailer King as, “The hush before winter”!

That’s right, Winter isn’t too far away. After all you landscapers get finished with your Fall clean ups, get prepared for your Winter clean ups. Need a new plow? Call us today for HUGE savings. Already have a plow? Call and have it serviced so you dont get stuck out in a storm. A service helps ensure your plow is ready for Winter! Funds tight this year? No worries, we have 100% financing on new BOSS plows & sanders. Just call today or check out our website for details! www.trailerking.com

~Written by: Jennifer Breault

Expect the unexpected!!

Murphy’s Law says, “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.”, and most of us know, that is true! At Trailer King, we are here to help with some of those undesirable surprises. Are you going on a trip in the near future?

Make sure you have a spare tire to avoid costly roadside assistance. If you have one, you won’t need it.. but if you don’t have one, you will!
And another thing we can help you prepare for is DOT! Have all your safety requirements on board, those tickets can get pricey!!

Visit our website for more info www.trailerking.com
~Written by Jennifer Breault

It doesn’t hurt to be nice….

At Trailer King, we take customer service very seriously!! Over the years, I have learned that being nice can go a long way. You never know what kind of day someone has had, or what they might be going through. Think about it…… if you are having a really bad day, and someone holds a door and smiles at you, it makes you feel a little better…and a little goes a long way!!

Take a minute, SMILE, TALK to someone that might just need to know that someone else is there. Together, we can make the world a better place!!
~Written by Jennifer Breault